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Winters Here... Are You Ready?

As you know, Winter is here and it’s not going anywhere. If you’re like most, the weather won’t stop you from making your commute, so here are some changes you can make to your vehicle to make sure you get to your destination safely.

The most obvious thing you can do to ensure a safe drive is equipping your vehicle with winter tires-studded if at all possible. Tires keep you on the road, and so will a clean windshield. Make sure you also have winterized wiper blades, winterized windshield washer fluid and a good window scraper. In Nova Scotia-like most places-we salt our roads to try and combat the buildup of ice. Salt will break down the paint and metals on your vehicle, so getting your vehicle undercoated is necessary if you want it to last.

There’s more you can do inside your vehicle to prepare than you would probably think. First of all, you want to get in the vehicle and start it, then let it warm up for 30 seconds before driving. When you start to move, take it easy for the first 15 minutes and allow the engine to come up to temperature before you start driving vigorously. Also, make sure your radiator fluid is designed for cold weather. If not it could freeze in the coolant lines, causing your engine to overheat.

Having a medical emergency or breaking down on the side of the road aren’t things most people think of when getting ready to leave for their commute, but these things are very possible, and you need to be prepared-especially during the winter months. What do you do to prepare? Well, you can start by keeping a good first aid kit handy, with disinfecting wipes and cream such as Polysporin, gauze, Band-Aids and medical tape. Also, make sure you have a warm coat and blanket in your vehicle in case you get stuck somewhere for a while. Make sure you have a good set of jumper cables with you and a good spare tire as well.

You have to be ready for any scenario when driving through the elements. Whether its a flat tire, frozen radiator lines, or a medical emergency, if you follow this guide and equip your vehicle with the necessary tools and supplies, you and your vehicle will make it through the winter without a hitch.

Bonus tips:

-if you have issues with ice forming on the inside of your windshield, pick up some windshield defogger. It should stop moisture from building up and eventually freezing on the inside of your windshield

-you can pick up heated seat covers online, and they’re relatively inexpensive. If you don’t have heated seats in your vehicle, this could be your key to a more comfortable commute in the cold.

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