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Driver gets $155 ticket for license plate covered with snow

Ayo Kayode, a 30 year old Edmonton resident was pulled over on one of the coldest snowiest day's of the year because his license plate was completely covered and not visable due to snow.

Ayo advised he was running errands Wednesday morning, he said he had just dropped his wife off at work, stopped at Costco to grab some groceries and was heading home when he was then stopped by an unmarked Edmonton Police car.

"I was doing maybe less than 40 km/h"

(Photo taken by Min Dhariwal/CBC)

said Kayode "The next thing I just saw the lights, and I was like, 'What's going on?'"

The officer approached the vehicle knocked on Kayode's door and asked "Do you know why I stopped you? I was like, no!"

The officer then informed Kayode he was being issued a ticket because his license plate was covered with snow.

Kayode said he was speechless and immediately after he was handed the ticket he got out of his vehicle and took photos of the back of his vehicle while the officer was still behind him.

"I'm going to fight it"

"I was shocked. I was actually surprised that he gave me a ticket, I didn't know I could be stopped for that in that condition. It was - 46 yesterday, everywhere was cold, everyone had the same thing. It's just crazy"

"Most officers will give people some time after a snowfall to make sure they've had a chance to clear their vehicles," Cheryl Voordenhout, a spokesperson with the Edmonton Police Service.

"As drivers, we all have responsibility to keep our lights and our windows, and our plates clear of snow to help keep us all safe on the roads and to allow law enforcement to do their job."

Kayode then went on to say "I would expect him to warn me, and say, 'Could you go clean your plate,' which I would do."

Instead Kayode received a $155 ticket that he says he has no intention of paying.

"I'm going to fight it, I'm going to plead not guilty," he said "it's ridiculous. Apart from that the license plate was not even fully covered, even though he said it was covered you could still see It's just two letters, A, Y."

Kayode is scheduled to see a justice of the peace on March 12th

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